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Dreams are beautiful, but only action brings change.

If you're like a lot of Visionaries, you have a compassionate heart. You're always helping someone in need instead of waiting around for someone else to make things better.

You're dreaming of starting a nonprofit to make an even bigger difference. But you're not quite ready to tackle it on your own.

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That's why I created this workshop. It gives you tools and illustrated instructions that will let you start from scratch and create a U.S. tax-exempt charitable nonprofit.

There's no fluff here. The focus is on w-o-r-k. If you want real results, just enroll and get to work!

About The Workshop

In 6 Steps To Nonprofit Startup you'll get a clearly-illustrated explanation of each step needed to create a nonprofit. Tips, links, sample documents, and templates help clarify and simplify your work.

You'll learn how to...

  • Prepare for nonprofit startup,
  • Incorporate your organization,
  • Get your tax ID number,
  • Recruit and appoint the (required) startup board of directors,
  • Apply to raise funds in your state,
  • Adopt bylaws and policies to govern your organization, and
  • Determine the right form and apply for exemption from federal income taxes, and
  • Register in other states if you want to operate in other states.

Who Should Enroll?

If you're ready to stop dreaming about the good things you're called to do and start building that dream, this is a great place to start.

If you can set aside a 2 or 3 hours a week to watch the lessons and complete the assignments, you can get this done!

Two Approaches

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you can enroll in the 6 Steps to Nonprofit Startup DIY Workshop and work your way through the lessons on your own, with the option to post questions inside each lesson and get answers from me.

If you'd rather have support along the way, the 8-week Workshop & Coaching program is the way to go. You'll get everything available in the DIY workshop along with an invitation to 2 live Q&A sessions with me (LaCharla). Plus, to help you keep moving forward, you can join me for 2 live co-working days, where you pop into a live video-based session, share your screen, and get help completing your work.

Whether you enroll in the DIY workshop or coaching program, you'll have access to the online classroom and the private group for as long as they exist.


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Program Building

"This exercise was great! I was able to involve our Social Worker, RN and 2 of our board members. It helps ensure that we are all thinking and moving along the same line. Thanks so much!"

Deven Woods
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Make Your Vision Plain

"[W]riting our plans out helped with understanding what my organization is really about and how to move forward...Thank you for creating the Nonprofit Startup Academy."

Pamela J. Calloway
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Finding Your Path

"When you think about starting a nonprofit all you want to do is make a difference but this is a great course that opens your eyes and gives you a nice Foundation to what it really takes to start a non-profit. Great class for beginners!"

Wil and Gia M.
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Program Building

"This Lesson opens my eyes to areas I had not considered. Giving the people I want to reach a complete identity is amazingly helpful. My vision is becoming more and more real to me. Thanks! I can't wait for the next lesson!!"

Sherrine Jones

Refund Policy

I've designed this program to help you create a U.S. charitable nonprofit. To do that, you have to learn and take action. Students who do the work get results.

But I get it; not every program fits every student. So if you enroll, get to work, and see that this is the wrong fit, you can request and receive a full no-questions-asked refund within 14 days of your registration or the start of the course, whichever is later.

Ready To Get Started?

First, decide which approach you prefer and click its "Enroll Me Now!" button. Then, follow the prompts to get started on your Big Vision. If you have questions, just Contact Me.

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Nonprofit Startup

"6 Steps To Nonprofit Startup "broke everything down in a way that was clear, in a way that was simple, in a way that was very understandable, and in a way in which I could apply it to actually bring that nonprofit to fruition right away."

George Peterson


This on-demand self-study workshop walks you through the process of creating a U.S. charitable nonprofit step by step.

Tuition: $197.00

Use PayPal or Your Credit Card. I never see your private financial information.




This 8-week workshop walks you through the creation of a U.S. nonprofit step by step, with live coaching.

Tuition: $350.00

Use PayPal or Your Credit Card. I never see your private financial information.


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