You're A Compassionate Changemaker

Your Vision is to make a BIG difference in the lives of people in need. And launching a nonprofit is your path to that Vision. I'm LaCharla Figgs, and I want to use my 25+ years of nonprofit experience to make your journey easier and faster.


What Is The Nonprofit Founders Circle?

The Founders Circle is an education and mentoring program designed to support you and your team as you...

  • Explore your options and decide on the type of program to launch
  • Launch a U.S. charitable nonprofit,
  • Lay the foundation for a high-quality, results-oriented organization, and
  • Commit to ongoing skills development

I'll be with you all the way to save you time, help you sidestep common mistakes, and keep you moving toward your goal.


How Will The Founders Circle Help Me?

  1. Your Personalized Success Map
    Everything starts with Orientation Week. I want to erase any mystery or confusion about launching and leading a charitable nonprofit right at the start. That's why we start with an assessment to see which of the 5 stages fits you. Then, with that information, I give you a personalized Founder's Success Map, which tells you exactly which course you need and which actions will help you reach your goals. And you'll get a tour of the membership portal and get to know more about your fellow founders.
  2. Full-Time Access To Resources
    Members have 24/7 access to all the resources provided inside the membership portal. Those resources include video-based courses, mini-classes, sample documents, helpful links, and more. So, for example, you can complete a course listed on your Success Map and move on to another one without having to enroll in the second course.
  3. The Right Instruction
    You'll use your Success Map to choose the right courses and lessons at the right time. Nonprofit startup has many "moving parts," and you may not always know what you don't know. By following your Success Map you can avoid common problems and time-wasting setbacks.
  4. Live Coaching and Co-Working Days
    Even if you're a disciplined self-starter, you might need extra support or accountability. The regular live coaching sessions can help you stay on track. And our live co-working days let you pop into live video-based office hours and get help completing your work, on the spot. Life is busy, and these resources help you ditch the excuses and keep moving forward!
  5. Ongoing Professional Development
    Creating a nonprofit is just the beginning. If you want to grow as a nonprofit leader and build a strong, life-changing program, you'll find courses and other resources to keep you learning and growing in confidence. For example, you need to understand how to work with the board of directors, how finances work inside your organization, how to go after resources that will support top-level services, and more. You won't learn all of this overnight, but a growing list of topics like these will be available inside the program when you're ready
  6. A Community of Fellow Founders
    Starting an organization can leave you feeling isolated. So as a Founders Circle member, you'll be invited to join a private community where you can share your journey with fellow founders. In fact, I'll work to help you find accountability partners, and I'll host a regular "Collaboration Zone" to help members explore ways they can do more Good together, and
  7. A Few Surprises!
    And of course, members will get bonuses and surprises along the way to make the journey a bit easier and a bit more fun!

The Founders Journey

The image below shows you the Five Stages of the Nonprofit Founder's Journey. The Orientation Week assessment helps each member start at the right place.


The Investment

The Nonprofit Founders Circle is a month-to-month group mentoring program wth no long-term commitment. The investment to start and to continue membership is $59/month, payable by credit card. You can terminate your membership by discontinuing payment before the start of the next monthly billing cycle.



Now that you know more about The Founders Circle, I hope you'll join us if it's right for you. Please see the section below to enroll or to join the VIP Waitlist and receive notice when The Founders Circle opens.

Ready For a Startup Mentor?

The Founders Circle opens in October. For early notice of open enrollment and exclusive offers, join the Founders Circle VIP Waitlist!


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