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Nonprofit Startup Group Mentoring





You have a Vision: to make a BIG difference in the lives of people in need. And launching a nonprofit is your path to that Vision. I'm LaCharla Figgs, and I want to use my 25+ years of nonprofit experience to make your journey easier and faster.

What Is The Nonprofit Founders Circle?

The Founders Circle is an ongoing group education, mentoring, and implementation program designed to support you and your nonprofit startup team as you...

  • Prepare for startup by gathering data and making key decisions about the the way your program will operate,
  • Launch a U.S. charitable nonprofit by incorporating in your state, applying for federal income tax-exempt status and filing other state forms,
  • Lay the foundation for a high-quality, results-oriented organization by addressing board governance, policy development, financial management, fundraising, and more, and
  • Build your nonprofit leadership skills.

I'll be there with you all the way, teaching, mentoring, and nudging you. All to help you achieve your Big Vision.

What's In It For You?

Here are some of the benefits of Nonprofit Founders Circle membership. Just click a plus sign to read more.

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Program Building

"This exercise was great! I was able to involve our Social Worker, RN and 2 of our board members. It helps ensure that we are all thinking and moving along the same line. Thanks so much!"

Deven Woods
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Make Your Vision Plain

"[W]riting our plans out helped with understanding what my organization is really about and how to move forward...Thank you for creating the Nonprofit Startup Academy."

Pamela J. Calloway
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Finding Your Path

"When you think about starting a nonprofit all you want to do is make a difference but this is a great course that opens your eyes and gives you a nice Foundation to what it really takes to start a non-profit. Great class for beginners!"

Wil and Gia M.
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Program Building

"This Lesson opens my eyes to areas I had not considered. Giving the people I want to reach a complete identity is amazingly helpful. My vision is becoming more and more real to me. Thanks! I can't wait for the next lesson!!"

Sherrine Jones
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Nonprofit Startup

"6 Steps To Nonprofit Startup broke everything down in a way that was clear, in a way that was simple, in a way that was very understandable, and in a way in which I could apply it to actually bring that nonprofit to fruition right away."

George Peterson

A Sneak Peek

This video will give you a little peek at what happens inside one of the Nonprofit Founders Circle learning modules.


Will You Join Us?

If you're ready to bring your Vision to life and launch a U.S. charitable nonprofit, join us.

The program opens a few times a year. If enrollment is open, sign up below. If not, you can sign up for the Founders Circle VIP Waitlist, and I'll let you know about future enrollment dates.


Get ongoing training, mentoring, and practical tools to help you plan, launch and lead a new charitable nonprofit. Monthly membership, means no long-term financial obligation.

Investment $59.00/Month

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