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Your life is full. And you don't want to spend a single second of it on state and federal paperwork. You just want to start a nonprofit already!


I've never met a visionary who was patient with paperwork, planning, or processes. But if you want to launch a nonprofit, those things are not options.


That's why I created a nonprofit startup consulting engagement that lets you keep your mind on other startup matters while I tackle the paperwork.

How The Engagement Works

During this consulting engagement we'll work one-on-one to clarify your vision and draft a description of the nonprofit you want to launch. Next, we'll engage in a mini planning effort so that I can draft the state and federal paperwork that will result in a tax-exempt public charity (nonprofit).


Learning Is Still Important!

Having your paperwork done for you isn't enough. If you're going to lead the organization, there are things you have to learn and do! So I'll teach you about all the startup requirements and advise you about key decisions that come with nonprofit startup. And you'll be free to work on other priorities while I complete the startup paperwork.


Board Development

Another component of this engagement is board recruitment and training.


State law requires that you have a board, and so I'll help you recruit the right kind of people. We'll develop and implement a recruitment strategy, and I'll help you provide board orientation and training on the duties and the operation of a board.


I'll even help your board members understand and adopt key organization policies and get ready to govern the organization.


Ongoing Consulting

Then, for 6 months after the startup paperwork is done, you'll have up to 90 minutes each month if you need coaching related to org startup or initial board development.

The Investment

The investment for this Nonprofit Startup Consulting Package is $3,000. You can use your PayPal account or a credit card (I never see your financial details.)


Book Your Exploratory Call

Because these engagements are time-consuming, slots are limited and may not always be available. To learn more and decide whether this option is for you, let's talk. You can schedule a free 20-minute exploratory call with me by visiting my appointment scheduler.


Whatever you choose, never give up on your Vision to serve those in need!

Need a Mentor to Help You Launch & Lead a Charitable Nonprofit?

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