How to Start the RIGHT Nonprofit



How to Start the RIGHT Nonprofit




Don't Create a Job You Can't Wait to Leave!

If your Vision is starting a charitable nonprofit, you're probably eager to get going--to make a big difference in the world.

But what if running that nonprofit is nothing like you imagined? What if it turns out to be another job you can't wait to leave?

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That's not what you have in mind, is it?

I've been there: Its Sunday evening. I'm sad and frustrated, wishing I could hop on the first thing smokin' out of town. Just to avoid another day of doing work I hate! 

Maybe you've been there, too.

If you have, you know why I don't want you to repeat that. Running a nonprofit--whether all-volunteer or a paid gig--is a job. So why not design that job with YOUR strengths, skills, and preferences in mind? So that you serve people in need and find your work fulfilling instead of frustrating.

I created this course to help you learn how to design a nonprofit that makes a real difference and that's also the right fit for YOU.

How Does It Help You?

When you imagine running your nonprofit, what do you see?  Can you imagine what you'll be doing from day to day?

I assume you see an effective program that brings personal fulfillment. You can be proactive and create that kind of nonprofit.

I created  Start the RIGHT Nonprofit to help you do that. Inside the course you'll  do 3 things:


  • Explore some of your personal characteristics and consider ways they can enhance or harpoon your experience as a nonprofit founder,
  • Learn about different ways to structure and run a charitable nonprofit, what's required for each one, and the possible impact for YOU, and
  • Complete a few exercises designed to help you think through your options and identify specific ways to create a life-transforming and personally fulfilling charitable nonprofit.

How The Course Works

In this online program, you'll have video-based lessons and downloadable worksheet that you can access 24/7. So you can work on your own schedule.

Inside each lesson, you'll have the ability to post questions and get answers from me. You'll also receive an invitation to my private Facebook group, where you can also post questions.

So, while this is considered a DIY course, you'll still be able to connect with me.

You'll have access to this course for as long as the program exists.


Satisfaction Guarantee

I've designed this workshop to help you take one of the first steps toward launching a U.S. charitable nonprofit. It's not a spectator sport. To benefit from it, you have to do the work.

But I get it; not every program fits every student. So if you enroll, get to work, and see that this is the wrong fit for you, you can request and receive a full no-questions-asked refund within 14 days of your registration or the start of the workshop--whichever date is later. (You'll see the full Refund Policy in the checkout area.)

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Finding Your Path

"When you think about starting a nonprofit all you want to do is make a difference but this is a great course that opens your eyes and gives you a nice Foundation to what it really takes to start a non-profit. Great class for beginners!"

Will and Gia M.
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Nonprofit Startup

"6 Steps To Nonprofit Startup "broke everything down in a way that was clear, in a way that was simple, in a way that was very understandable, and in a way in which I could apply it to actually bring that nonprofit to fruition right away."

George Peterson
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Program Building

"This Lesson opens my eyes to areas I had not considered. Giving the people I want to reach a complete identity is amazingly helpful. My vision is becoming more and more real to me. Thanks! I can't wait for the next lesson!!"

Sherrine Jones
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Make Your Vision Plain

"[W]riting our plans out helped with understanding what my organization is really about and how to move forward...Thank you for creating the Nonprofit Startup Academy." -------------------

Pamela J. Calloway

How to Start the RIGHT Nonprofit
Class Begins August 13, 2020

You dream of launching a charitable nonprofit. But how do you avoid creating one that gives you Monday Morning Blues? Enroll and learn how to design the RIGHT nonprofit for YOU.

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