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You're a Compassionate Person, a ChangeMaker with a Vision.


You're determined to make a lasting

difference in the lives of people in need.




I'm LaCharla Figgs, founder of Nonprofit Startup Academy.

Even with all our blessings  here in the U.S., many people struggle to make life work. Fortunately, nonprofit organizations work every day to help.

I believe you're here because you have a Big Vision for creating a nonprofit. One that makes a life-changing difference for people in need.

But... haven't done it yet.

If you're like a lot of Visionaries, your Vision keeps nudging you, reminding you it's still there.

But it's hard to find time. Or maybe you don't know how to start. Maybe the whole thing is as scary as it is exciting. So you tell yourself you'll "get around to it" one day.

And while you're thinking about all that, weeks, months--maybe years are passing.



How would it feel to stop putting off your Vision? To have the confidence and support to offer life-transforming services to the people who need you most?


Let's Bring Your Vision to Life!

Dreams and Visions are important, but you can only achieve them if you take ACTION.

You don't have to let the "I don't knows" and the "What ifs" hold you back! Grassroots movements and organizations have changed the world. With the right support, you can, too.

I'd love to help you. So I offer programs that support you in 3 stages:


Clarify your Big Vision, learn about the industry, and create a nonprofit startup plan.


Tackle the paperwork to incorporate, register in your state, and seek tax-exempt status.


Start operating, craft your foundation, and build your nonprofit leadership skills.

I offer DIY workshops, coaching programs, a group mentoring program, and even a done-for-you engagement. All to help you start from scratch and create an organization that makes a real difference in the world.

Take a look at the stages below or use the main menu to learn more about my programs. I'd love to partner with you in bringing your Big Vision to life!

What Stage Are You In?

Look at the descriptions below. Decide which one describes where you are, and use the resources to get to the next level. Contact Me if you have questions.

Is Starting a Nonprofit the Answer?

I know nothing about nonprofits and need help deciding  the best way to realize for my Vision.


Here's How I Can Help

How Should My Nonprofit Operate?

I know who I want to serve and how I want to help them. But I don't know how to build a nonprofit that can achieve my Vision.


Here's How I Can Help

  • Nonprofit Startup Blueprint (Date TBA)


I'm Ready to Create a Nonprofit

I've done my homework, and I'm ready to launch my nonprofit! But I hate paperwork and worry about what I don't know!


Here's How I Can Help


I've Started a Nonprofit. Now What?

I'm excited about my new nonprofit! But how can I build a solid, lasting organization that offers life-changing programs?


Here's How I Can Help


A Bit About Me

Hello, I'm LaCharla Figgs. I created Nonprofit Startup Academy to help compassionate ChangeMakers launch U.S. nonprofits.

I love supporting my clients, students , and members because they refuse to wait around for "someone somewhere" to help others. They're ready to change the world for Good, and they're ready to do it NOW!

I've spent the past 25-plus years supporting nonprofits. As a trainer, facilitator, leadership coach, author, grantmaker, consultant, and more.

One of my FAVORITE roles, though, is helping Visionaries launch charitable nonprofits.

These highly-focused folk are excited and ready to change the world. And I love using my experience to make their journey easier and less stressful.

If you're a Visionary, I think I know a little something about you. You're ready to serve more hurting people NOW. And you have ZERO patience for planning, "process," and paperwork-even though you know you'll have to face it to start a nonprofit.

That's ok, because that's what I'm good at.

I created this program to lend you my strengths. To ease the frustration of the paperwork, planning, and process so you can get to your Vision faster and with less frustration.

Starting a nonprofit means wading into new territory. My job is to be your trainer and mentor along the way. To help you see what's ahead. To steer you away from pitfalls. And help you navigate the frustrations that can pop up.

You'll see that I'm constantly teaching and sharing insights with you. Because having a nonprofit on paper is not enough. You need the skills and confidence to lead your nonprofit well.

As a nonprofit leader, you have to invest in your skills and become a life-long learner. I hope you'll join me here and make Nonprofit Startup Academy one of your learning resources.

Would you like periodic tips and strategies for nonprofit founders and later, email updates about Nonprofit Startup Academy programs?