Start a Charitable Nonprofit
Build a Solid Foundation
Lead It Like a Pro

When you're ready to learn to launch, and lead a U.S. charitable nonprofit, I'll help you bring your vision to life!

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Are You Ready To Get Started?

You have a Vision--to make a Big Difference in the lives of people in need. And you're hoping to launch a charitable nonprofit to do it.

But you haven't done it yet.

Maybe you don't know where to start. Or maybe you don't know what to do after the launch. What you do know is that you're tired of putting it off.

I'm LaCharla Figgs, and if you're ready to get to work, I'm ready to help you launch a charitable nonprofit, lay a solid foundation, and build your nonprofit leadership skills.


What Kind of Support Do You Need?

Whether you're looking to explore nonprofit startup or you're ready to get to work, I can support you in one of three ways:

Is starting a U.S. charitable nonprofit the way you hope to serve people in need? If so, you can start by learning how to launch and lead a nonprofit through my free ebooks, mini-classes, live chats, and other resources.

Ready to launch a U.S. charitable nonprofit? This "Supported-DIY" course walks you through it step by step. You get on-demand lessons, templates, and live Q&A and Co-Working sessions to support you to your goal.

The Nonprofit Founders Circle is an ongoing member-based group coaching program. It supports you as you learn to launch and lead a charitable nonprofit.

Need to fit nonprofit startup into your busy life? Save hours of paperwork with a consulting engagement. I'll handle your paperwork and coach your team through startup and board and policy development.

Meet The Founder

LaCharla’s Image

Hello, I'm LaCharla Figgs. I created Nonprofit Startup Academy to help compassionate Changemakers launch US nonprofits. And I love supporting my clients and students because they refuse to wait around for "someone somewhere" to help others. They're ready to change the world for Good, and they're ready to do it NOW!

I've spent the past 25-plus years supporting nonprofits. As a trainer, faciitator, leadership coach, grantmaker, consultant, and more.


One of my FAVORITE roles, though, is helping visionaries launch charitable nonprofits.


These highly-focused folk are excited and ready to change the world. And I love using my experience to make their journey easier and less stressful.

If you're a visionary, I think I know a little something about you. You're ready to serve more hurting people now. And you have ZERO patience for planning, "process," and paperwork. Even though you know you'll have to face it to start a nonprofit.


That's ok, because that's what I'm good at. And I created this program to lend you my strengths. To ease the frustration of the paperwork, planning, and process so you can get to your Vision faster.


Starting a nonprofit means wading into new territory. My job is to be your guide and mentor along the way. To help you see what's ahead. To steer you away from pitfalls. And help you navigate the frustrations that sometimes pop up.

You'll see that I'm constantly teaching and sharing insights with you. Because having a nonrofit on paper is not enough. You need the skills and confidence to lead your nonprofit well.

As a nonprofit leader, you have to invest in your skills and become a life-long learner. I hope you'll make Nonprofit Startup Academy one of your learning resources.

Ready For a Startup Mentor?

Are you a compassionate ChangeMaker? Rready to start a nonprofit? Inside my ongoing group mentoring program I'll help you learn to launch and lead a nonprofit, step by step. Opens Dec. 12, 2019!


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