Information and Inspiration for Aspiring Nonprofit Founders

Sometimes the Little Things ARE the Big Things

You have a good heart. You’re compassionate. And you love helping people in need. But you’re also busy! You keep thinking, dreaming and talking about all the ways you’ll make a...


I’m a Person, Not a Problem: How the Labels We Use Can Backfire


Labels can be an explosive topic in the nonprofit world. Labels that governments, organizations, and ordinary people use to describe people and places. 

By people, I don’t mean...


Why I'm Taking My Own Advice!

For weeks I've had my head down for hours creating  the Nonprofit Founders Circle–-my new membership program. I’ve been fleshing out the first 12 months in advance because I...


What’s In a Name? 3 Questions to Ask When Naming a Nonprofit

Just like a person, an organization needs a name; you can’t create a nonprofit without one. That seems pretty obvious when you think about it—a no-brainer. 

But have you ever tried...


Small Beginnings, Big Possibilities

Some of us have Big Dreams. Dreams of helping people in need. Dreams of making our lives count for something important. Dreams of doing something that needs to be done, that no one else is doing.



Change: Get Ready, Stay Ready!

We know Change is coming. So why are we caught off guard when it shows up? Maybe we’re too busy to think about it. Or maybe we expect Change to stay away until we’re ready for it. We...


The 5 Team Building Lessons You Can Learn From a Marching Band


From my T.L. Figgs Nonprofit Consulting Website:

Today's post takes a lighthearted look at team building. Back in the 1990s, we heard a lot about building and managing teams. And we heard phrases...


4 Reasons Your Church Should Say Yes to Nonprofit Startup

Many churches minister to people in need inside and outside the church walls. But the growing need for help can outpace a church’s resources. At that point, church leaders often consider the...


How YOU Can Write Powerful Grant Proposals


Grant proposal writers are in great demand these days. Mission-driven organizations typically survive on contributions and grants, and the competition for those dollars is fierce. So everyone wants...