Your Nonprofit Launch Plan Workshop

Map Out Your Startup Journey Before You Launch. Because Each Nonprofit Is Unique.




Your Nonprofit Launch Plan

The Workshop That Helps You Map Out Your Unique Nonprofit Founder's Journey

Thinking of starting a U.S. nonprofit and want to map out your journey before you start? 

Your Nonprofit Launch Plan is an interactive workshop that starts by teaching you the "mechanics" of creating a nonprofit in your state and tackling the state and federal paperwork.

But there's no one-size-fits-all way to start a nonprofit...

So we'll also cover...

  • What you should do before starting a nonprofit
  • Different nonprofit operating models
  • Potential roles for nonprofit founders, and
  • Steps you should take to create the specific type of nonprofit you envision

"My company's mission is to equip compassionate Difference-Makers to launch nonprofits that improve the lives of people in need."

LaCharla Figgs, Founder, Nonprofit Startup Academy

What you'll learn...

  • The steps needed to start a U.S. nonprofit
  • Pros & cons of different nonprofit business models,
  • Traits of successful nonprofit founders
  • Common challenges for new founders, and
  • Things to know before you start spending money on startup

If you show up and do the work, you'll plan your unique nonprofit startup journey. So when you're ready to launch, you'll have a map to guide you.


Words of Appreciation

"Before becoming a part of LaCharla's program for Non-Profits, I had no clue where to even begin! LaCharla's program stood out to me because of how it crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's for running a successful Non-profit."

George S. Peterson, Founder
The Jordan Hannah Recovery Group, Inc.


What you can expect...

  • A hands-on interactive 3-part workshop
  • A short guide on how to start a nonprofit
  • Examples of nonprofit business models
  • An exploration of the requirements for the type of nonprofit you envision
  • Tips so you don't waste time or money
  • A workbook to record your ideas, research, and assignments, and¬†
  • To map the¬†steps from where you are now to the launch of your nonprofit

Questions & Answers

Why do I need a “launch map” before I start my nonprofit?

You can jump right into nonprofit startup if you prefer, but here are a few reasons this workshop is a great alternative:

  • You’ll learn the steps to create a nonprofit and explore some key startup options
  • You'll get to discuss the best ways to put your particular skills to work
  • Your pre-launch map will help you decide the best time to launch.
I can find free information on starting a nonprofit on the internet.

The internet is a wonderful resource, with tons of information to sift through. But, if you want to get right to the point and pose your questions to an experienced instructor, this workshop is here for you.

If this workshop is going to help me serve people in need, it should be free. So why is there a cost?

The good news is that you can find lots of free resources all over the internet and at your local library. This workshop is just one of many options. So why isn’t it free?

Here are a few reasons.

  • I'm offer nearly 30 years of practical nonprofit experience, and I believe what the Bible says--that a worker is worthy of his wages.
  • People like free resources but tend to collect and forget them. I’m looking for people who are ready to get to work and don't mind investing in themselves and their Visions.
  • If the modest cost of a professional development opportunity is the only thing stopping someone, this is probably the wrong time for them to try to launch and lead a nonprofit.

Student  Endorsements

"When you think about starting a nonprofit all you want to do is make a difference but this is a great course that opens your eyes and gives you a nice Foundation to what it really takes to start a non-profit. Great class for beginners!"

Will and Gia M.

"Writing our plans out helped with understanding what my organization is really about and how to move forward. LaCharla Lowd Figgs, Founder Nonprofit Startup Academy, you just don't know how you have blessed Me."

Pamela J. Calloway, Founder,
Men of Honor & Distinction

"This Lesson opens my eyes to areas I had not considered. Giving the people I want to reach a complete identity is amazingly helpful. My vision is becoming more and more real to me. Thanks! I can't wait for the next lesson!!"

Sherrine Jones

 Your Nonprofit Launch Plan


  • Three live interactive training sessions with the chance to ask questions
  • A workbook you can use to capture your session notes
  • A downloadable resource list, and
  • A live worked session to help you map out your unique founder's journey
Monitor, laptop & tablet mockups

Investment: $47.00



Program Guarantee
Your Nonprofit Launch Plan
Attend the 1st session live, and if this workshop is not for you, cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled session, and I'll happily issue a full refund. You'll get a link to the Cancellation & Refund Request when you enroll.