Sometimes the Little Things ARE the Big Things

Title Cover, Colorful crocheted afghan

You have a good heart. You’re compassionate. And you love helping people in need. But you’re also busy! You keep thinking, dreaming and talking about all the ways you’ll make a big difference in the world.


That same “someday” that’s “around the corner.” And that never seems to come.

A Bit of Encouragement

Well, today I want to encourage you to stop putting it off. Stop looking for the perfect time. Stop waiting for everything to settle down in your world. You know as well as I do that you’ll be waiting a zillion years and one dark night for that to happen.

So maybe you can’t do that Big thing right now. Maybe you can’t change the entire world. That doesn’t have to stop you from doing the little things. In my experience, thoughtful “little things” are huge to those who receive them when they need them most.

Here’s the reason I KNOW the value of little things:

My “Little Things” Story

Hospice Satilla is a small nonprofit medical facility in Southeast Georgia. The staff there care for patients facing the end of life and support their loved ones through this challenging time. The staff is compassionate and professional, and they understand what families are going through.

Volunteers at the hospice house, go the extra mile, too.

You might find a volunteer at the front desk acting as a greeter when you visit. She’ll help you get acquainted with the hospice house by giving you a tour of this beautiful 5-bed facility. (It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.)

The family of former patients help stock the hospice house with snacks for those visiting current patients.

And some volunteers donate hand-made afghans. When enough afghans are available, the staff lays one on each patient’s bed, and it becomes a keepsake for the family.

A Surprising Personal Touch

All these things might sound like little things to you. But when your heart is hurting and you’re feeling confused and afraid, those personal touches become Big things. Comforting, meaningful, unexpected things.

The thing that touched me most was the afghan the staff had placed on my loved one’s bed. I was moved to see the hand-crocheted creation, knowing the hours required to make it. A stranger had anticipated our family’s need for comfort and support and had cared enough to do this for nothing in return.

Well, nothing tangible. I’m sure that giving was their return.

Paying It Forward

After our family’s experience, we wanted to thank the staff and support other families who would need Hospice Satilla. And so we took home-baked snacks and a financial donation to the office and snacks to the hospice house for the staff and visitors.

Later, my mommie and I started crocheting and donating afghans. We hope every patient’s family will have a hand-made keepsake to take home. It’s been seven years since we’ve needed Hospice Satilla, and we’re still grateful and still doing little things to support other families.

Why Am I Telling You This?

I am NOT looking for a pat on the back. We do what we do because we care about other families facing the situation we faced. And we want to make a difference.

I’m telling you this because you’re busy. And because weeks, months, and years are passing while you put off doing the good that’s in your heart.

Because I want you to know you can help others now. You already have what it takes. I learned to crochet in junior high. Who knew such a simple thing could make such a difference? So even if you can’t do everything you want to do now, find SOMETHING meaningful and do that.

Make a difference in whatever way you can, while you can. Someone somewhere needs your gifts.