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Why I'm Taking My Own Advice!

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For weeks I've had my head down for hours creating  the Nonprofit Founders Circle–-my new membership program. I’ve been fleshing out the first 12 months in advance because I want my members to have an amazing experience. I even invested in a course to learn how to build a membership program the right way!

Why Am I Telling You This?

Because I want you to know I’m taking my own advice! 

If you’ve seen the almost-daily quotes I’ve created for my company’s Facebook Page, you know I love Visionaries and the way they serve people in need. And in many of my posts, I encourage Visionaries to not just Dream, but to get to work on their Visions.

My Vision–one of them anyway–is to make a life-changing difference for nonprofit founders who are changing the world for Good. To do that, I have to invest time, energy, and resources. Otherwise, I’d have nothing to offer them. I can’t just dream about serving them, or talk about it, or post about it. I have to get to work. And that’s what I was doing today–working on my Vision of supporting real ChangeMakers.

Taking my own advice.

Beware The Comfort Zone!

The thing is, having a Vision can be cozy and comforting. It makes us feel good, and it gives us something positive to look forward to. We share it with family and friends, and they encourage us with their head-swelling complements. Complements on our compassion and on the Change we INTEND to make in the world.

So we adore our Visions. We cling to them and recite them over and over, impressing the masses.

But getting to work on that Vision–bringing it to life–is another thing altogether! That path is not always cozy or comforting. Or even comfortable!

Sometimes it means giving up time we might prefer to use doing something else. Or it might mean asking for help, and if you’re like me, you’re not so good at that. It means moving into the unknown, and it means having the courage to take risks.

A lot of folks will spend the next 20 years Dreaming and talking about their Visions. But a few will get off the couch and put in the work to bring their Visions to life. These ChangeMakers are not about throwing something together just to say they started a nonprofit. They’ll put in the effort to build a solid organization and a program that changes lives. 

THESE are the people I want to work with! And they’re the ones I was working for today!

(Now, if you’re a couch-sitting Dreamer, I am NOT mad at you. We’re just on different paths right now.)

The Nonprofit Founders Circle

Launching and leading a nonprofit is real work. It takes time, patience, and persistence–among other things. (And it’s not for everyone.)

I want to make the journey of launching and leading a nonprofit more enjoyable. I want these ChangeMakers to reach their goals faster and with less confusion and wasted time. I want to be there as they start small, develop a track record, grow the organization, and create the Change they once dreamed of. 

These ChangeMakers are the reason I’m taking my own advice! They’re the reason I was hard at work today!

If you’re a true ChangeMaker I’m putting in the work for YOU. If you’re ready to put in the work for the people you hope to serve, I invite you to join me when the Nonprofit Founders Circle opens in a few weeks. You can click the button below to learn more and to get on my VIP Waitlist. When you do, you’ll get free training related to nonprofit startup, exclusive Founders Circle offers, and notice when program enrollment is coming up.

After reading about the membership program, drop any questions about it in the Comments below, and I’ll come back with answers. And if you know someone else who might like to read this, please share this article on your favorite social media channel using the buttons on this page.

Meanwhile, I hope YOU’RE the one who’s ready to get off the couch. If so, I’m ready to help you change the world!